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About Lessons:

     It has been my privilege to teach guitar over the last twenty years to students of all ages in multiple cities.  I take great care in getting to know each student's motivations and goals and then together we set sail for the musical journey.

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 I thoroughly enjoy students that are open to the learning process and that are excited by the curiosity and mystery of music.  In addition to a disciplined work ethic I also believe in music being a joyful, playful, and fun enrichment to one's life and with this sentiment in mind I always aim to create an environment that supports both discipline and fun.  Some of the topics to be expected in lessons with me are the following:

  • Chord knowledge-  
    We'll learn how chords relate to each other within a given key and how they can be used in progressions.  Special attention always given to the skill of transitioning from chord to chord while keeping a tempo.  

  • Songs- 
    Once we acquire the building blocks of chord knowledge we will be on our way to learning songs!  I am always excited to hear from students about songs that are relevant to them and will create motivation to practice.  I create my own charts for all songs that are clear, concise and easy to learn from.  
  • Music Theory-  
    As a teacher it is always exciting to connect the dots with students so that they can understand why certain concepts sound good.  
  • Chord/Scale theory- 
    This begins the connection towards improvisation and lead guitar concepts.  I have many PDF's to assist in understanding scales as they lay on the fretboard.  
  • Improvisation-  
    If you are interested in the art of improvisation we can delve deeply into concepts that will include chord/scale theory, arpeggio applications, triadic applications, melodic minor scales, diminished scales, motivic ideas.  We can apply these concepts to any style be it jazz, rock, funk, blues etc. 
  • Composition-  
    If you dream of composing your own music we can work toward skill sets that will allow for your own creative voice to emerge.  
  • Note reading/Sight Reading- 
    Learning to read music can be challenging on guitar but I have a few methods I have used through the years to assist student's with making it more accessible.
  • FUN!
Lessons are taught here at Soul Graffiti Productions!

Lessons are taught here at Soul Graffiti Productions!

What students are saying:

"Wow, how to express our admiration and appreciation for Michael in one review...he is the best!  He's been teaching my daughter now a senior in high school, for 8 years.  Not only is he a talented and accomplished guitarist, but he's also incredibly patient and positive.  Never have I had to force my daughter to continue lessons, as happens with so many kids learning an instrument.  She loves playing and will continue as she goes off to college.  I'm amazed at the skills she has developed and the music she plays beautifully.  Michael makes lessons fun, teaching students songs they love, and he genuinely enjoys sharing his expertise."

Alissa B.

"I have been teaching myself guitar for a few years now, and found that I had reached a plateau in my learning.  I was looking for a guitar teacher who could fill in the blanks and take me to the next level.  Michael listened to my goals, and created a curriculum that was specific to me and my learning needs.  He knows that guitar is not a "one size fits all", so he creates his own professional worksheets and method.  Michael is full of tricks to make learning easier, and is excited about playing.  He would be a great teacher for any age or level.  Thanks, Michael!

Natalie S.

Students at work in the studio having fun.

Students at work in the studio having fun.

Where do lessons take Place?

Soul Graffiti Productions

Soul Graffiti Productions



What Type of Customers have you worked with?

    Over the last 20 years of teaching I have taught all ages from 5-65! I have taught students that are just beginning to explore music all the way on up to experienced musicians that are looking to expand into new musical territories.  I have even taught rock star's kids!  A few years back I taught Billie Joe Armstrong's (Green Day) youngest son who has gone on to have a successful career in his own right.  


What do you enjoy about the work you do?

     It is an honor and blessing to be a part of someone's musical journey and to help guide them towards realizations that will impact their creativity and understanding.  I love to see excitement, curiosity and passion in my students as it mirrors and reinforces my musical pursuits and through this exchange we deepen each other's musical output.